I want to apologize for my emotions on Sunday that prevented me from properly presenting the nomination of Cody Buczyna to West Point Military Academy.  It is a great achievement to be one of the 1,200 selected out of 14,000 applicants nationwide.  We are extremely proud of Cody and know that he will achieve and exceed all expectations of “The Long Grey Line” that is West Point.  We are thankful for his faith in God and his commitment to his country.

Scott Carey


After nearly 16 months in the application process, Cody Buczyna has received and accepted an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point.  Nearly 14,000 of our nation’s most talented and accomplished high school students, most of whom will graduate in the top fifth of their class applied for admission to the Class of 2016.  Out of these, 4,000 were deemed fully qualified by The Academy and obtained congressional nominations.  Of the 4,000, Cody was one of only 1200 to be selected for admission.  All had to demonstrate the highest standards of scholarship, leadership, physical aptitude, honor, and citizenship.

Cody’s next four years will be extremely rigorous and demanding, both academically and physically, especially his first year.  He will begin his journey as a cadet on June 25th when he reports for R-Day and begins the six week induction process known as “Beast Barracks”.  We ask that you continue to pray for all of the members of our armed services and to please include Cody in your prayers as he continues to serve God, his family, his community, and now his country.


Cody has heard and answered the call of “The Long Grey Line” that is West Point.

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