Saint Larry. No one has ever called me by that title and I’m sure that I would be uncomfortable if they did. I don’t feel like a saint because man has given that title to those who act perfect. But God has assigned that title to all Christians (Rom. 12:13; Eph. 5:3; Col. 1:26; Rev. 8:3).


Minister. I like that title, but we have ruined it. We tend to think only of one or two men in the church as ministers. We call them to perform funerals, visit the sick perform weddings, and teach neighbors. But perhaps we should list your name on the church bulletin as “minister.” In Matthew 25, Jesus separates the ministers from the non-ministers. Which one are you?


Reverend Gill. I have been called by that title, but reject it completely! Webster defines it as “one worthy of great honor.” Psalm 111:9 (KJV) ascribes that title only to God.


Mister. It rings of respect, but it isn’t my preference. Please call my dad “Mister Gill.” I would rather be called by my given name.


Doctor Gill. I spent many years in college earning that title, but I’ll never forget these words to the graduates on that happy day, “Now forget that you have earned the title, ‘Doctor.’ Go out into the church and be a servant.”


I recall the story of several preachers standing in a circle comparing their credentials. One said, “I’m a Ph.D.” Another said, “I’m and M.A.” A third said “I’m a D.D.” One wise black preacher in the group responded, “I’m an M.O.G.” The others were thoroughly confused. “What is an M.O.G.?” they asked. He replied, “I am nothing but a man of God.”


Perhaps you also have a title. But along with that title can it be said of you that you are a Man (or Woman) of God?

Larry Gill

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