I want to share something amazing that happened this week.  Amber received a package from her mother.   Our first response was how can this be?  Then immediately we both wanted to know what was inside.  In order to experience the significance I have to explain to you the circumstances surrounding the delivery.  This past weekend Amber made a visit to her dad’s house.  While she was there she and other family members cut squares out of Amber’s mom’s clothes for a memory quilt.  While they were cutting out squares they pulled out pictures of her mom wearing those clothes and they decided how neat a quilt would be with pictures on it.  So they picked a few but were having trouble narrowing down which ones to use.

    The package from Amber’s mother contained a letter and a picture.  The picture was one of Amber when she was little that her mother had restored and blown up.  The letter said “I love this one.  I sure hope you like it too.  I love you, mom.”

    The postmark on the package was April 2nd.  Her mother died a few weeks later.  Apparently the package has been sitting at the post office since then.  We received a note from the post office Monday asking us to pick up mail.  So the timing was incredible.  God’s timing is always right!  “For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.”  (Rom. 5:6 NAS)

 Have a blessed week, Michael & Amber

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