Some bulletins…. in fact every bulletin I have done has been outside the office, this one is taking place in Monks Coffee Shop. Sometimes we just need to go somewhere to think. I guess I could write about that concept, but this week I had something else in mind.

   Yesterday I got a call from Cameron Hobbs. He wanted to go on a little hike. I thought “I love hiking…. And I am pretty fit, this will be cake,” first off – I was wrong. Physically I was there, but my footing was not so good. I was having a hard time getting a stable foundation to push off of in order to walk with any look of “know how”. As we returned to the cars I notice an interesting sensation in the pit of my arm. It came from the small thorns from some type of cactus that I caught as I slipped off the surface on top of the “mountain”. There was also a pretty cool scrape on my leg. I don’t know where I got that from. Those along with the barbwire punch in my palm are the only injuries I sustained so I guess it was a good trip. I would have really been lost without Cam who had been there before (that is another lesson all together).When I got back home and got cleaned up I started making supper, sausage sandwiches in case you were wondering (I like to cook from time to time). Then I get a text from Dee Goldsmith. She needed me to come up to the HS to watch a drug prevention program that needed more support. I went and learned some really shocking, but educational stuff about the youth culture. The point is this: sometimes we get called to do things that are a little outside our level of comfort – that’s fine we have talked about that. During that situation we may get a little beat up. Then the call will come to help someone else while we are still trying to get the thorns out of our tender spots. What do you do? Read Acts 14:19-20.

   What did Paul do?

   Sometimes answering the call/text from God goes beyond our “only doing one good thing per week/day” but big things happen if you respond.


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