It is, at the least interesting, and in the more encouraging to sometimes consider what the Bible says, literally. A good example of this is (Rom 15:5). Literally this passage calls God, the “God of patience and encouragement.” Paul’s prayer for the saints in Rome is that this God “may give to you the same to think in one another.” So, God is the God of patience and encouragement, and of course as He gives these to us in Christ Jesus, it brings our thinking to be the same, according to Christ Jesus.

Today (Sunday, June 11), we are going to be blessed to hear the word of God, but we will also be participating with God in His divine nature (that of patience and encouragement, as in Rom 15:5; 2 Pet 1:3-4). This morning, we have three young men with us, who have been training to present God’s word. Kent Cates, Cameron Wallace and Caleb Cates will be preaching for us this morning. These men have been training with some brothers from the Oldham Lane congregation in order to be better leaders and speakers in the Lord’s church.

It is inspiring to know that young men are training hard to be qualified presenters of God’s word, and faithful men are training them in how to do so (cf. 2 Tim 2:2). Let us, then, appreciate the opportunity we have today to be patient with and encourage these young men in their journey of service to our Lord, just as God Himself will be doing for them.



Jay Don