Yawn… Brush my teeth. Think to myself, “What do I have to do today?”, there is the bulletin article and then a softball game in Sweetwater, after that I have an appointment to go get a haircut (the back of my neck for all you skeptics), then there is another softball game in Sweetwater, after which I will have premarital counseling back in Abilene. I will have to travel from Sweetwater to Merkel to Sweetwater to Abilene to Merkel. Guess I better hit it.

Sometimes I get real busy on days like today, I love my job though, the way that I get to mix my faith with my work…. Faith. That kinda get’s me thinking. I use to pray a lot more. I remember on busy days like today I would pray all day long just for the hope that I would be the best youth minister I could be. Just to spend a little more time with my Redeemer. As I was writing this bulletin article I had to do some reflecting.

This is what I came up with: Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the task at hand. Most of the time (as with my profession) the tasks come off as pretty righteous. I have let those tasks become my focus and not the reason behind why I do the task. So I am faced with the old challenge, will I take up my cross and walk with him or will I look at the fluffy rodent and get distracted (I know some won’t get that reference) “SQUIRREL!!”

Am I caught up in the day-in-day-out things? I believe we all need to focus anew and realize what we are called to be.

Saved by grace through faith. So let’s start acting like it.

Is your alarm clock going off?


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