What an amazing church family we have here at the Merkel church of Christ!!! Thanks to everyone who worked weeks before setting up, getting wires hung for clothes, fixing the heaters, and ones who tirelessly hung up hundreds of pieces of clothing!! The ones who made tea early

Sunday and the ones who helped set up, organize and clean up the lunch.  The ones who made soups for the lunch! The ones who asked for donations and got them! The ones who helped make and put out donation boxes.  The ones who donated toys, canned goods, household items, diapers, clothes and shoes.  The ones who volunteered to help work that day and the days before! The ones who called for us to pick up things from their house.  The ones who donated money every time we thought we wouldn’t be able to buy enough food or diapers or toys.  The ones who took flyers around and told people about it.  The ones who separated and bagged up all the canned goods.  The ones who separated and bagged up the toiletries for the toiletry bags.  The ones who donated Bibles and free literature and handed those out. The ones who had personal Bible studies and the ones who invited people to church.  The ones who prayed for our success.  The elders for allowing this to happen.  Everyone had some part in this!!  We ended up serving 40 families with a total of 143 family members!!         WHAT A SOUPER SUNDAY!!!

Also, a special thank you to Angie Chaney & Lou David for overseeing this project from start to finish, you both did an amazing job.

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