When we get it, we all get it! Whether it is a late round of the flu passed along through touching common objects, sharing food and drink, or a respiratory infection from breathing the blowing pollens in the air around us, we share and spread our diseases. When one of us comes in contact with it, someone else is sure to get it, also!

            We do not usually think of disease as having anything in common with redemption, but I think there are a few common aspects worth mentioning. First, they both are within us as individuals. In other words, as a sick person we carry the disease within us and as the redeemed we carry redemption within us (Psa 107:1 ESV; 2 Cor 4:10). Second, we can identify with others who are or have been overcome with a disease or sin. Last but not least, we can share what or who helped us get over it!

            The Bible tells us — whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did (1 John 2:6 NIV), and as disciples this is our calling (Luke 9:23). In John 12:32, Jesus described the kind of death that He was going to die as powerful to draw all men, Jew and Gentile, to Himself. When the hour of Jesus’ sacrifice had come, His heart was troubled, but He did not cry out to be saved from it (John 12:27a). He chose by faith to follow the very reason of God for which He had come to this world and glorify the Father’s name (John 12:27b, 28a)!

            We all struggle to some degree with disease and redemption, but the ultimate goal for us as disciples is to share what we have with others. If you find a person who could use the benefit you have received from a doctor or a medicine, help them on their way to find the same. However, if you want others to find redemption, then offer them your life, of service, as a sacrifice, empowered by the gospel, that will draw them to Jesus and be honored by the Father (John 12:26). When we catch this particular aspect of redemption, someone else is sure to catch it, too!


                                                                           Jay Don

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