Philippians is a missionary report and thank you letter that encourages the saints in Philippi to hold on to their joy. Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! (Php 4:4). The word joy, in its various forms will appear something like 16 times in this letter, depending upon the translation. God’s promise of joy for His people has helped them to face the most difficult of situations in this world and yet hang on to their joy. 

How can they keep their joy? The key may be found in another idea Paul will mention 10x in this short letter: MIND! Consider, think about, and keep in mind these passages in Philippians: 1:27; 2:2, 3, 5; 3:4, 7, 19; 4:2, 7, 8. Though 3:4, 19 are stated in the negative all of these phrases point to the importance of ones attitude in regard to keeping and living out our joy in Christ Jesus!