The practical value of our faith, even our faith that overcomes the world (1Jn 5:4), is found in the object of it, the living God! We find life on this cursed earth is a constant battle against evil spiritual forces (Eph 6:12). We cannot avoid the sorrows, heartaches, or temptations of this life, but we can praise God that our faith is in Him and not the circumstances we encounter.

Our faith in Christ Jesus brings to our souls the very thing our souls are thirsting and longing for, our God! Israel sang a psalm that beautifully reminds us of the precious power of our faith and our hope in God to satisfy the thirst of our souls amidst the ever-present sorrows of this life…


As the deer pants for streams of water,

so my soul pants for you, O God.

2     My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.

When can I go and meet with God?

3     My tears have been my food

day and night,

while men say to me all day long,

“Where is your God?”

4     These things I remember

as I pour out my soul:

how I used to go with the multitude,

leading the procession to the house of God,

with shouts of joy and thanksgiving

among the festive throng. . . .


Why are you downcast, O my soul?

Why so disturbed within me?

Put your hope in God,

for I will yet praise him,

my Savior and 6 my God. . . . (Psa 42)

And, this is my prayer, that God our Father grant each of us a faith that satisfies our souls by bringing us into His presence, through Jesus Christ, so that our faith and hope are found to be in the God, who gave them (1 Pet 1:5, 21).


Peace be to you in believing in Him,

Jay Don

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