Naylor Eoff will see the doctor for results 7/9

Tasha Jacobs will be induce 7/10

Delores Tackett blood work results okay

Mozetta Youngers is recovering from her foot surgery; is doing better


Gary Best in Hendricks due to blood pressure problems; will travel to MD Anderson the 15th.

Maybel Clark (Tina Bennett’s grandmother) is home, also her other grandmother, Velda Sellers is in Hendricks, she has cancer

Bobbie Foster (Cassie Jarrett’s mother) Hendricks; fluid on her lungs

Gordon Harris (Gayle Baker’s brother-in-law) health concerns; skilled nursing Duncan, OK.

Tommy Swinney (Joe’s brother) had a stent put in 7/8; will schedule open heart surgery soon


Ann Derington

Willard Tate

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