Sunday 5/24

Sermon: Michael Bryan a.m & p.m.

Song Leader:  Lou David Allen  a.m. & p.m.

Opening Prayer:   Jim Jacobs-a.m.       Joel Owens-p.m.

Closing Prayer:  Lane Boyd-a.m.     Tim Walker-p.m.

Lord’s Table: Billy Bob Toombs a.m. & p.m.,   Jason Myers, Kelly Woolard, Jerry Russell, Scott Carey, and Jerry Miller, Jr.

Pick-up Cards:  Tyler Jones & Kyle Owens

Worship Helpers:  Russ Russell & Cody Buczyna

Nursing Home:  Logan Cravens

Wednesday 5/27

Boy’s Night

Devo:  Jimmy Bellah

Song Leader: Burl McCoy

Prayers:  Opening-Dustin Simmons     Closing-Joe Swinney

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