*It seems my foot surgery to repair my toe broken in the past was a little more complex than we expected. I am improving every day. Rick is taking care of us.

Brenda Turnbow

*To Merkel Church of Christ, Brothers and Sisters, Thank you very much for your prayers, encouragement and support to our family (Mbumwae’s) and for the work in the Lord’s vineyard in Zambia. May God continue blessing your kind hearts’. With God’s Love, Sheppard, Ruhtt, Melina & Manuel Mbumwae

*I was in Houston for a routine check-up (everything was perfect) when Harvey hit. Had the privilege to worship at League City Church of Christ. They have 38 members affected by the hurricane and they are handing out food and cleaning supplies. There are small trailers parked in their parking lot and a group of disaster workers are using one part of the church as living quarters. Devastating scenes are everywhere. They need our prayers and if anyone would like to donate anything it can safely be sent to the church and know it will get to Christians who need it as well as others. Shirley Williamson