In Ephesians 5:15-17, the Bible says, “Be very careful then how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity … understand what the Lord’s will is.” One of the best opportunities we have comes in our ability to remember and our being remembered in simple everyday duties people may perform.

I recently had a conversation with a sister, where she was relaying to me the preciousness and influential power of memories she has had and will have for the rest of her life, Lord willing. People who are now departed are a continuing presence in her life through the memories she has of them in common everyday kind of events. Their faith in Jesus as the Son of God is forever connected to each memory she has of their careful instructions, words of wisdom and appreciation, and things she uses that remind her of them.

She told me:  I never fry a chicken without hearing Mama tell me to use Crisco! I never cut up a chicken without remembering Mom (her grandmother) teaching me how to do it. Then, when I make gravy, I use Mama’s gravy ladle, and Mom’s gravy bowl. Every year I remember Daddy telling me how proud he was of me on my birthday, and little things he would tell me, like, when people get mad, they can get glad in the same pants they got mad in. She added, God works in those little things and thoughts to put love into our hearts and the work of our hands as we care for one another.”

All of the people this sister mentioned were people of strong faith, and so their influence in her life is redemptive, as it reminds her of the importance of faith in Christ. The truth is if Jesus is our Lord then He owns our lives everyday. In our daily lives we have the most opportunity to impact people for the rest of their lives! If we can serve people in common ways, they will have the most opportunity to remember it. If we love God, as we lovingly serve them, they will recall our faith in Him, and we will have a lasting redemptive presence in their lives.

We cannot all find a world famous event to perform, but we can find a person to love, serve, or influence in a common and helpful way. This is a good way to be wise and make the most of every opportunity, and be a lasting redemptive presence in the lives of others – to God’s glory!



Jay Don