The following 15 youth did an awesome job participating in LTC this year: Autumn Jarrett, Kailee Jones, Lindsey Carey, Tyler Jones, Zoey Boyd, Brylie Myers, Andrew Miller, Maddie Boyd, Dacia Owens, Trinity Brown, Tomas Valfre, Emma Boyd, Chaney Myers, Logan Tatum & Dylan Tatum.


Chorus, Drama, Puppets all received gold place medals. Several turned in hours for Dailey Devotional & Service Projects. There was also Song Leading, Bulletin Boards, & Art Projects.


All participated in 1 Samuel Bible Bowl. With all teams earning a bronze medal in the competition. Special recognition for their hard work: Zoey received an Individual gold in Bible Bowl and Brylie received an Individual silver medal.


I have so many wonderful people to thank for their help & support. This congregation is amazing with prayers, encouragement and donations.

Parents for their help this weekend; to Joel, Teresa, Cynthia, Page, Ashli, & Lane for giving their time to be judges. And a special thank you to Tressie, Page, & Cynthia for their help with chorus, puppets, & anything I needed.


We are all looking forward to next year. Leadership Training for Christ is amazing.


Thank, Dee

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