Wednesday night I led a devo for the main assembly that made the relation to our dry land and how it could at times reflect our spiritual life. I would like to continue that thought a little bit.


When I moved to Texas I noticed that the land was pretty bare. If you take I-20 from Mississippi you can see the changes that are taking place with the land. The first thing to go as you travel west is the hills along with the color of the mud. Then you notice the size of trees slowly start to decrease. And eventually you see the change in grass. When I first got here I found that I would be homesick from time to time. A huge trigger for this feeling was the scenery. However, for the people who have been here for a while it was nothing to be concerned over. When the summer hits they are comfortable with the grass being dead and ground being so hard it feels like pavement. People from West Texas grew up in this sort of landscape. Truth be told, after living here for so long I find myself more and more comfortable with the lack of green. (that could be a lesson in itself) The point that I am seeing from this is that falling into whatever trap Satan has for you and your personal lives doesn’t usually happen quickly (usually)…  However, he does try to chip away slowly so that it is less noticeable. And before we know it we are calling (______) normal and not that big of a deal. We let these things slip into our lives because of all kinds of reasons and then we accept them as just part of who we are. Problem is – who we are needs to line up with Christ. How many times have you come to the realization that you are not where you need to be. It’s like you’re asleep and need to be waked up by Jesus. I know I have felt this way. Sometimes my biggest issue is admitting that I fell down. Because if I admit that – well I have to get back up.


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