I have had quite a few things going on this week. My finals are taking place along with everything else that comes along with the end of my school year. With all that going on I still want to find some time to go to some ball games. The girls’ softball team played Clyde this past Tuesday at home. I walked into the stands a little after the game started. As is my habit, I looked around at where I may sit. (Sometimes I do this to see who I can talk to or make an influence on) I spot them… There were three high school boys that I have met before and have become pretty “cool” with throughout the time that I have spent here. Sometimes, as a minister or maybe a parent, the kids will watch their language in front of us along with their actions. Not this kid. As he commented on the game there was a nice little bit coming out of his mouth. I asked this guy where he went to church. (Don’t worry, it went with the conversation – I don’t like it when you ask questions and it feels like getting an answer is equivalent to metal scrapping on the teeth.) He then informs me, he is an atheist. I know that it is a little “off” of me, but I looked at him, chuckled and then with a smile of wonderment I ask “why?” He started to talk about how he doesn’t believe in Jesus or God. I then asked the question with a smile, “why?” The whole point of doing this was to create a little bit of suspicion in his mind and to break down some of the walls (ya’ll can ask me later on what walls can be broken by doing this). So as we are talking I see the best thing to do is look at Christianity as a skeptic for this boy and maybe he will understand what I mean. So I start talking about the History of Jesus and how you can prove Him outside of the Bible. He had never heard this before or at least that’s what he said. We continued talking for some time, after which I gave him my number and told him to call me anytime he had a question day or night. He put the number in his wallet and that was the end of it.

I think sometimes we don’t understand the issues that are taking place in our very own back yards. We are in the Bible belt and I am running into atheist at the ball game?… This is not to mention what you can see just by going to get a burger in town. The world is all around us. All the while it is knocking on the front door while sneaking in the back. I would like ya’ll to pray for the guy that I talked to; but more than that I would like you to engage this community. Engage this community in the battle that is taking place for each individual’s soul. 2 Tim 4:2


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