Journey of Faith, from the text of Genesis, was the theme of the 2012 Leadership Training for Christ (LTC), and for our youth, it truly has been a journey of faith. Attending the competition and watching our young people perform has both judged and inspired me!

            LTC judged my heart in that it made me realize what an opportunity I had missed by being to busy to encourage and help these kids learn God’s word. I should have done more than observe their success; I should have coached and encouraged their success. I am sorry that I was not more involved!

            However, LTC inspired me in several ways. First, I observed our youth and their coaches working together to please the Lord and accomplish His purpose in their performances. Secondly, I saw our kids love, support, and encourage one another in a way that only God can provide. They were an example of what the church of Christ in Merkel, Texas strives to be. Thirdly, I was inspired by the fellowship and company of all the parents and coaches who came and were apart of their children’s lives at this event. Finally, as I walked among the thousands of Christians gathered, I saw and hugged people that I know from all over the state and was reminded of the common bond we have in Christ and through our young people. All of these things brought to mind of the final goal of our Journey of Faith, Heaven!

            I have repented and decided to be a more active part of our kids’ training for the 2013 LTC events, and I am inviting the congregation to join me. This year’s title is Going the Extra Mile using the text of Matthew. We are challenging all of our kids to learn the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5 -7, over the next year, and we want to challenge the entire congregation to learn it with them. It will only take a couple of verses per week to do this. Each week we will give the verses to be read, considered, learned, and treasured. We are asking everyone to read/listen to these verses 7 times everyday. If you will post these verses where you can see them regularly – on the fridge, mirror, coffee pot, light switch, and door, then you will soon find that God has posted them in your heart (where your treasure is – Matt 6:21), and they will not be idle words for you, they will be your life (Deut 32:47)! This week we want to read, consider, learn, and treasure:  Matthew 5:1-2Now when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, 2 and he began to teach them, saying:


            This week’s Treasures in the Extra Mile:  Jesus puts Himself in position to teach those disciples who are willing to come to Him. He wants to teach them and they want to learn. His words are spirit and they are life! May God grant us the wisdom to grow and learn together as a family of disciples!


                                                                          Jay Don

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