To the Members of the Merkel Church of Christ:

      To say the boxes were appreciated is an understatement thank you so much from all of us here at Camp Deh Dadi II.  For many of the Soldiers the contents of the packages are a great blessing, including me.  Not sure if your Soldiers told you but the exchange shop or PX here is a tiny connex; twenty feet long and eight feet wide this includes a small fridge for sodas and Monster drinks, shelves and a register.  As you can imagine the actual contents of the PX are slim, add the large number of Soldiers and civilian workers so the toothpaste and soap quickly disappear.

      The magazines and books were and still are a great hit; they have been circulating from Soldier to Soldier, so thank you for that.  And I would certainly be lacking if I did not thank you on behalf of all the female Soldiers that you supported, the Military does not provide free feminine hygiene products.  Therefore, the females of FSC greatly appreciate your donations.

      To the Pastor and Staff and all the Members of the Church of Christ in Merkel, Texas we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts; you have truly made Soldiers happy.

      Please continue to pray for the Soldiers who spend a lot of time on the roads in harms way and working long hours making sure those vehicles run properly and safely.

      To the Family and Friends of SSG Jamie R Cole and SGT Jerald A Ruppelt, we are truly in your debt; you all have blessed many Soldiers here with your gifts.





The Taylor family would like to thank everyone for donating all the items.  As you can see they were and still are appreciated.  Thank you for showing these Soldiers that we do care about them here in the states and they are not forgotten.  Also, thank you to each person who adopted a Soldier and has been sending mail & packages to them even though you may not hear from them they are being encouraged, you are true servants.  This project is close to our hearts.  Love, Roger, Cynthia & Shauna

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