I am hoping that this space will be a place where I can show you a little bit of what I do and how I interpret some experiences. I know at times we tend to get bogged down with the routine of life. We would like to “switch it up” but maybe we don’t know how or we fear the unknown of stepping outside our routine. Let’s be honest sometimes it just isn’t comfortable. We like to do things the way we have always done them because we know that it’s safe. Having a place that we sit at ball games and during worship. Saying “hey” to the same people as last week and the week before and the week before. I get it. We all get caught up in this I think. I was at the basketball games on Tuesday and as I sat next to Allison Szabo I leaned over and said “You played a good game tonight,” she replied, “thanks, again”. I gave her a look of not understanding. She had thought that I had already told her “good job”, but I hadn’t. However, every week I go to these games and I sit in my seat and then I walk and talk and tell people good job, but it nothing new so it all runs together. I don’t want to be like that – both in my life and to other people. I don’t think Jesus was that way. I don’t think people could figure Him out because he was always doing something different. Same with the apostles. They didn’t blend in. They preached and walked and healed and loved. None of it was uniformed or monotonous. So I guess the question is: Do you blend in? (and) How’s that working for you?

The challenge is to switch it up. Encourage someone that you wouldn’t every other day. Give someone a hug or conversation that is normally not in your routine. Talk about Jesus, become His instrument. It’s not easy, but we are called to do great things.


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