Did you ever do something and immediately regret it? Probably you have, most of us who are humans do that far too often. We do the wrong thing, we say the wrong thing, we make the wrong decisions, and we sometimes end up in the wrong places.
    I loved the following little story I received recently that speaks to this problem. “A police officer pulls over an eighty-six-year-old woman because her hand signals were confusing. “First you put your hand up, like you’re turning right, then you wave your hand up and down, then you turn left,” said the officer.
“I decided not to turn right,” she explains. “Then why the up and down motion with your hands?” asks the officer. “I was erasing.”
    Wouldn’t it be nice to erase our mistakes just by waving our hands? Sure it would, but it doesn’t work that way does it.
    Sins are mistakes we make in our lives. They are things, which may not be seen as mistakes by the people living around us, but they are things that are mistakes according to God. God has given rules to live by, laws to govern our physical and spiritual lives. When we mess up and break one of the rules, then we sin.
    The problem is that everyone sins! We have a tendency to look at some folks and think of them as being perfect. But truth be know, there is no one who does not sin either mentally or physically. John writes in I John 1:8-10, we all sin and if we say we do not sin, we are calling God a liar.
    The problem is, how do we get rid of the mistakes in our lives? Obviously not by waving our arm up and down. God tells us in the same scripture that we first have to admit (confess) the sins and God will forgive us, that is, if we are doing what He tells us to do with the rest of our life.
    So, how are you doing with mistakes, make any today? Sure you did! How are you doing at erasing them? If God is not your eraser then you are stuck with the mistake.
    My prayer is that this will give you something to think about and to remember just how much God loves you! –MFTH

God bless you all and have a great week,


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