You know when you go up to someone you have never met just to say hello or maybe someone is introducing you to a new person? In these situations we are likely to have a situation that is filled with a handshake or a head nod and a smile (so that the other person will get the impression that you’re nice even if you’re having an off day). And then you go through the usual process of determining what kind of person they are while projecting an image that you would like to have on display. Some people are able to manipulate their words in such a way to make themselves sound better than they may (or may not) be. Regardless of the situation the typical question comes out, “What is it that you do?” this is usually referring to what your occupation is. What we are looking for is information so that we can learn. In recent college courses I have learned that this is a form of negotiation. In fact all communication is negotiation in some way or another. In all of this I think one must ask themselves “what are we negotiating?”




We all get our image from somewhere. It has come to my attention that we tend to get our image based on our occupation. The problem is THAT is not who we are. Who we are can be something completely different than what we do. Although our image doesn’t need to conflict with “what we do”, we are not defined by it. We must look at the image in-which we were created to determine who we are and what we are meant to be.

Genesis 1:26


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