This week I went to the Junior High for lunch. I would be lying if I said the only reason was for some great food, although it did sort of take me back. As I sat with Austin I found that I was sort of in the same boat as I was 12 years ago – Being Awkward. It takes a lot to make me feel awkward which came in the form of a bunch of young teens. I remember junior high as being a time when I was not coordinated, stinky, bad with words, and overall weird. Needless to say, junior high was not my favorite time. As I was sitting there laughing with all of the younger youth I found that I stuck out like a sore thumb, yet again. Although as I write this I hear the teens saying “you are always the sore thumb” (I guess the only option is to accept this reality and move on.) So, as I was saying, here I am in a cafeteria with a bunch of people that are shorter with less facial hair and more top hair trying to strike up a conversation, and it worked. This story has a happy ending. Not only was I able to visit and meet some people that I would have never had the chance to normally, but I also learned a lesson in the process. Good things do come from placing yourself in an awkward position.

Now I know there are some places that we really don’t need to go as Christians. However, what I am referring to is when we restrict ourselves from doing something good because we don’t want to be around those people. This could be reflective of what I have written about in previous weeks, but I think this may be deeper than before. Sometimes I find myself avoiding certain people and/or conversations because I don’t want to get involved with them. But if we look at Christ and the apostles….. what kind of people and situations did they get involved with?…. So what does that tell you about how we should live.

Let’s go be awkward


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