Little children might make a mess, but they remind us of what is truly important – Paul Shero. I am coming to the conclusion that whatever is true about little children is doubly true for grandchildren (Prov 17:6). Grandchildren are little messengers (angels) from God put into our lives to remind us of how we ought to humble ourselves, so that we can see and appreciate the simple things in this life (Matt 18:3–4). Our children do us a similar favor when they are young, but alas, most of us lack the wisdom to hear this message from our children. Our inability to hear the message of little children, as parents, is likely from us being too busy trying to provide for them, while making sure we avoid whatever mistakes our parents made with us.

However, being a grandparent holds a totally different experience. Being a grandparent you are free from the pressure of doing everything perfectly and proving to the world that parenting has reached a new level, now that you are involved. So, grandparents have a much easier time enjoying their grandchildren, and we have lived long enough to appreciate their attitude toward life.

Here are a few of the practical lessons learned this week at our house: The important thing with the tall and scary playground slides is not how high and fast they are but who is waiting to catch you at the bottom. Not being able to do something for yourself, just means you get to enjoy the company of the one who helps you, like with swinging. Lunch is more than just consuming food for energy; it is a time to enjoy the necessary things in life, like eating. The immediate suffering of chores not worth comparing to a truly great reward, such as banana pudding! Watermelon plants are captivating if you take time to count the pedals on each leaf, feel the softness of their fuzzy runners, and expectantly ponder the good fruit that come to those who patiently wait. If you are having a bad day, you might need to stop and consider the ladybugs when they suddenly appear. When you cannot go fishing, you can still enjoy digging the worms! When on a long trip, singing Old MacDonald’s Farm offers practically endless opportunities, if you use your imagination. Last and definitely not least, who loves us is infinitely more important than any bad or sad thing that might happen to us!



Jay Don

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