Got LifeTwenty years ago, the milk producers of California invaded the thinking of a nation with a simple slogan: Got Milk? The phrase was simple but catchy. They made commercials with showing people taking a mouthful of a favorite food, such as peanut butter and bread or very rich and dry chocolate cake, and then suddenly find themselves in a situation where they needed to speak out loud, only to find they were out of milk and could not speak or swallow. Oh, the life they could have had, if only they had milk! These ads were simple and direct, while presenting an identifiable need with most folks, but, like most advertising, they were made to sell the product not convey ultimate truth.

            Some people see the Bible as God’s way of advertising His product, Jesus Christ. Perhaps, there are some similarities in that the Bible does present God’s message to mankind, but the likeness basically ends there. The Bible is not a biased message made from selfish motives. The Bible is the word of God concerning the truth about the temporal nature of this life, mankind’s ultimate problem, and God’s ultimate solution for sin and a creation subjected to frustration (2 Cor 4:18; Rom 3:23; 6:23; 8:1; 22–25).

            What is it that we really need? Well, it is more than a glass of milk can provide for us. What we need to overcome this temporary world and its deceitful schemes is eternal life and absolute truth. Praise God in heaven for He has paid the price to offer us both in Jesus Christ, His Son! God’s word gives us more than a simple slogan; it gives us the plain and simple truth: The Word became flesh . . . from the Father, full of grace and truth . . . grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:14–17). He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life (1 John 5:12). 

            In this world we face many situations that capture our full attention with the desires of our flesh, as in our illustration of the need to swallow. These desires seem so important, because they are so urgent in regard to our flesh, but, in reality, they are concerned with things that are temporary (1 John 2:15–17). The thing most important and urgent in this life is the answer to the question: Got Life?

                                    Peace and life to you in the Son,

                                                                                    Jay Don

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