I am going to leave the names out of this one because I don’t know how the person would react, although they have never gone to our church and then the only time he has even been on our campus is for some sort of football or extracurricular activity. Also, I have been watching a lot of baseball and softball so this application came in the form of that particular sport.

   So this guy comes over to my house from time to time just to hang out… I called him up and he came over. After sitting in front of the T.V. for a little while playing video games we were starting to get hungry. I suggested Wing Stop (so good) and he had never eaten there, but was willing to try it after I sang praises of it, literally. On the way there we started to talk. I don’t know how we got on the subject of religion, but we did. I think it was something to do with my job that he was asking me about. I asked him about his particular religion, which was catholic, just to see where he stands. I told him about what I knew to be the minimal requirement of Catholicism and he said that he didn’t live up to that. He went on to say that Christianity kinda confused him and that I always required him to think deep as opposed to everyone else.  (I took that as a compliment.) As we continued to talk I told him that Christianity was actually very simplistic, it is the people that make it so complicated. I broke it down like this: If you follow Jesus with all your heart, He will know when you trip over a branch and will help you up so that you can reach your final destination. If you don’t follow Jesus, well, you are not so fortunate. We continued on for a half hour or so just talking about whether or not he was good enough to go to heaven. He said that he wasn’t. I told him to ask me the same question. He did and I replied the same. I then asked him, “Are you perfect?” He said, “no.” I ask, “why” and he said, “I have messed up.” I told him to ask me the same question. He did and I replied with, “Yes.” He replied with a questioned look on his face. I told him that you have to be perfect to dwell with God because God is perfection and no thing can dwell with Him unless they are as well. I then explained how I am continually made perfect…. I don’t know if he will become a Christian. I did tell him that I have been praying for him for 2 years. I have wanted to share this deep of a conversation with him for 2 years. I knew that I didn’t want to push too hard in the beginning because of the type of person he was and is. I had to become more than just a minister, but someone he can talk to. I asked him about his specific family members and relationships throughout this time with no foreseen agenda.

   The point is this: We all have someone in our live that could use that Good News we once saw with googoo eyes and hopefully still do. The problem comes when we step up to the plate with our favorite bat and we have assumed the “athletic position” (bent knees and ready.) We look ready, but for some reason we can’t swing often times. We may look ready, but mentally we aren’t. Maybe we are way back in the batter’s box or we are focused on something else besides the pitcher and the ball that is fixing to fly very close by our face. This situation is a little different than the actual game because God just wants us to swing. Just swing and He will take care of the rest. We don’t know where the ball is going to go or how fast it will get there. All we know is that God wants us to swing. I hope that everyone who reads this will find their swing and bring all the runners Home.

P.S.The wings were delicious.                                                  


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