j0438461Our Feed Merkel Campaign started last night and will continue thru May 6th.  Group 2 will be setting up, cooking and welcoming our guest on Wednesday March 25th .  Everyone is asked to help with cleanup.  The groups are listed on the back wall of the auditorium, please see which list you are on, there have been some changes.  If you can help contact the team leader of your group.  If you are helping cook and setting up be at the family center by 4:00, guest are asked to arrive at 5:30.

Group 1: Cooking & Set-Up team leaders are Jim & Dee and Kelly & Krystal,Visit Guest team leaders: Michael & Amber and Billy & Sarah; Plan Menu & pick-up food team leaders Sully & Mary and Billy Bob & LaJuana.    Dates April 1, 15, & 29.

Group 2: Cooking & Set-Up  team leaders Carol & Martina and Jimmy & Ginger;Visit Guest team leaders Scott & Charlotte and Logan & Linda; Plan Menu & Pick-up food team leaders Burl & Jan and Greg & Angie.  Dates March 25, April 8 & 22 and May 6.

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