I have found myself in this situation more than once while praying. I sit/lay/stand there thinking about what I am going to talk to God about. When I finally say it out loud or in my mind I feel kinda bad… I feel bad about my prayer?!… I mean, at least I am praying to God… that’s more than most people can say, right? The truth is a lot of time it comes out of my mind sounding like the same old repetition I had when my parents tucked me in at night (now I lay me down to sleep,…..). So what I am saying is my intimate talks with God, prayer, which He purchased with His blood so that I could talk directly, by way of the Spirit indwelling within me, has reverted back to toddler conversations at best. I do it before I eat, while I am getting ready for bed and even when I pray with my wife. It’s like that guy that everyone knows, but no one really knows because they don’t have REAL, MEANINGFUL conversations with this person. It’s all small stuff (“hey, how’s the weather?” reply, “good”. “And your family?” reply, “good”. “Okay, see ya later.”). Sounds funny but there are times when I have done this with God. I marked on my mental paper that says I need to pray but my conversations with the MOST HIGH GOD are surface level meaningless jibber-jabber. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I will say this, I need to take some time and converse with the Creator of all things. I need to open up. I mean, He knows what’s going on, there are times when I just don’t want to admit it. I encourage you to do this – pray through some psalms. Synchronize your thoughts with the him. Psalm 23 is always good, but I encourage you to search outside the box. Take the time.


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