Dear Brethren,

    God has blessed me over & over in the 7 yrs I lived in Haiti & the 27 yrs I have worked there & I’m so thankful for your prayers and support. There is always a challenge that our Awesome God helps me get through & HE was there to help Kim when she received a message her dad had died, and was able to get a flight out the next day, and to have Greg & Laurie (grands) and Jessica & Chase (great grands) there to work on their 1st trip was great. They were initiated big time – food, extreme heat, rough roads & lots of work, but they did great!!!

    Haiti is dealing with cholrea & malaria – we saw so many that needed lab work. We can’t get our clinic built fast enough to save lives. I sent people to O’Cap, Milot & Pignon for consultation, lab & some for surgery. We did 5 clinics – while we worked in Terri Rouge, Kim, Jonathan & Joram looked for property to build a church building. They found a good place but owner died & children were in squabble about selling.

    We did our 1st clinic in the large village of Romeo – students (12) + 3 older preacher worked the village while we did the clinic. Our goal is to show the villages the church cares (physically & spiritually).

    Bro. Mivoy of Bas La Riviere & Saint Clervil I helped with funds to start a business with rice, beans, oil & sugar.

    Edoward has 130 members in Duverger, but need place to worship. Land is cheap because of distance from a town. I gave him money to buy land. Please keep Edoward & Christians in your prayers – they are persecuted by voodoo priest & Catholic priest. He has taught & baptized 2 voodoo priest.

    We did a clinic in Duty, spoke with Joel, the minister, about young men painting the lower floor class rooms. Money given for paint & labor.

    I bought 5 cases of bibles & would have bought more but couldn’t get back to town before store closed. I bought a song book, Kim will see paperback copies are made – they beg for song books, but they are more expensive then the bibles.

    We, Greg, Laurie, Jessica, Chase, Jackie, Sadie & Peter met with the teenage young men & girls to talk about morals & how God has told us about sin of fornication, jealousy, lie etc. We let Sadie & Peter speak about disease caused by fornication, Jackie translated. We tried to help them see if they strive to follow Christ that God will help them escape temptation.

    I was able to save $5,420 – saving for property in Terri Rouge. Transportation is expensive – planes, trucks & van’s. Money to students in BTC to get to their villages to teach, lab equip. for Le Onel to use in clinics, patients to Pignon for surgery – large numbers sent for lab & follow up – lots of B/P problems – all we could do was a 1 time dose of Lasix until they could get to O’Cap, Milot or Pignon to be placed on regular B/P med. I gave Mary the cook money, drivers, van to border with group, gasoline, charity, doctors, bought lots of water & cokes – we all looked like we had a bucket of water poured on us all the time.

    I’m really concerned that Claude, Claudin, Sadie have not made contact with Christians in Santiago, D.R. I called Aspile and he knows a Haitian preacher working in Santiago & will contact him.

    Before going to Haiti I sent $720 to Haitian Christian Foundation for group to stay at B.T.C., and on return $300 for use of truck for 5 days.

    I’m so thankful for Kim taking care of my ticket to Santiago & Carolyn Killion & ladies in Fort Stockton for the extra money used on transportation in Haiti.

    I’m so thankful to so many of you that helped my family & Kim pull the surprise of my life on my birthday with all the cards & money for the security wall where the clinic will be built – a dream coming true.

    When I went to the doctor when I returned from Haiti – I was told that the cancer had shrunk in both nodes. Thank you for lifting me up in prayer to the Father & I pray God bless each of you.

                                                                  Your Sister in Christ,

                                                                       Evelyn Boyd


P.S. This trip made through Santiago, D.R. so lost a day of work in Haiti & since I don’t speak Spanish a little stressful.




Cynthia Taylor will be traveling to Haiti with Evelyn & Joetta in November, if you would like to help support her you may give your donation to any elder or Cynthia.

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