Evelyn Boyd (Shelton’s mother) will be leaving as soon as she can get a ticket to fly to Haiti.  She is very concerned about the orphanage, the children that have been left orphans,  the preachers and other Christians in Haiti and has not received news about them since the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday.  She has made numerous trips to Haiti as a missionary and has been instrumental in building an orphanage, a school of preaching, spreading God’s Word to the Haitian people and much more.  Most of the work she has been involved in has taken place on the north side of the country, but she does know alot of people in Port Au Prince.  If you would like to help the main thing we can do is make monetary donations and send prayers up for the people there and Evelyn as she travels there and while she is in country.  We will collect the money and have it available for her, after she gets there she will be able to see what is needed and how best to use the money.  Please make your checks payable to the Church of Christ and write Haiti in the memo.

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