Three words were my take-away from a recent weeks worth of leadership training.  Everything else presented was just more of the same thing and it just did not register with me.   I probably had even heard the three words before, but it never struck me the way they did that day.

What a simple rule for Christians.

The concept is simple; the things you think the most about are the things into which you put your energy.  When we make an honest inventory of what occupies our thoughts we will likely find a list of passions, fears, interests and distractions. These thoughts are the ones that determine what we do, and where we put our energy. 

The problem is that our mind not only determines what we do it also determines who we are

If we carefully consider the list of things that consume our thoughts, we will discover our idols. Idols aren’t just little statues, they are the things we worship every day, the things that control our thoughts and energies. 

Make quick count of the things we humans tend to idolize: ourselves, people, family, food, things, abilities, money…all of which are destined to fail us in a temporal world. We waste too many thoughts and energies on things that will fail us, no wonder we are a depressed society. When our idols fail our energy also fails.

Jesus addresses this in Matthew 22:37 “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

A mind consumed with love for God has no room left for all of the little idols.  Place our thoughts on God and our energies (actions) will follow.



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