Hey Everybody,

There are a lot of things in the works right now for the youth group.
The first thing that we have going on is the BBQ in Stephenville. This is the same group that we went on trek with. They are having a get together on their campus and we want to show our support. We will meet up at the church at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Everyone is encouraged to come. There is no cost. This is for H.S. & M. S.

Second is the nursing home. We want to start going to the nursing home about once a month. This is a time that you have to really be outward focused. If you can be there that would be awesome. If you need a ride I will be up at the church this Sunday at 8:50. The service starts at 9 A.M. Sunday morning.

Third – there is a girls group that will be starting after homecoming. We are really excited about the possibilities of this group. The girls will be meeting on Mondays. If you need any details talk to Amber Bryan or Angie Chaney. They will be the ones heading it up. Any other mothers that would like to help out, be sure to let them know.

Also in the works is Winterfest in Arlington. This will be taking place January 15-17. I know that this is a ways in the future but I think it would be good to go ahead and get this nailed down as far as the people who are interested in going.


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