I have to turn the bulletin article in by Thursday morning so, last week after I gave Cynthia the bulletin article I went about doing my studies. Lunch came around and I found myself doing the same as always-going to one of five restaurants around town. I usually eat at one of three just to keep cost down a little bit. So, Subway it is. I go in and I see a few people that I know, “hey how ya’ doing?”; “alright, alrigh” (the absence of the “T” was on purpose). Well you may not believe this but I start talking to this atheist…. not the same one as before, but a different one. Well I started to get excited. So I get my Bible and we start having an explanation time. The conversation was initiated by me asking another guy, who I have talked to quite often, where he went to church. I then went around the table to this guy who said, “I don’t.” After explaining the situation to me he says that he has come to that conclusion because he doesn’t care. We ended up talking for 2 1/2 hours in Subway… the conversation was coming to a conclusion and I was very confident that this talk was going to change this young man’s life. He made this statement, “Well, you have convinced me that you are a Christian.” This was not my goal. I didn’t want that. The goal in each of these conversations was not to show how great I am. I did almost 3 hours worth of draining debate and that is the end result?…

Sometimes when we preach and teach and pray – in life we must be aware that things are not just going to line up so we can knock them down. We are going to have some struggles. All the great people of the Bible had struggles and we are not any better than them. I think that we would be wise to remember a phrase I heard a long time ago, “The strength is in the struggle.”

Look up James 1:2-5


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