All God has told us in Ephesians up to this point: God’s eternal purpose of redemption and forgiveness (1:3-14), Paul’s prayer that the church know God better – having the eyes of their heart enlightened to know the hope of their calling, the unsurpassed power of Christ, and His seat of authority over all things (1:15-23), God’s workmanship in His people to bring them from death to life, from wrath to grace and good works (2:1-10), Christ Jesus, Himself as our peace –   as members in God’s household (2:11-22), the dependability of Scripture as God’s own word (3:1-13), God’s love, His power, His Spirit abiding in us to His glory (3:14-21), Our God given unity in the body, the gifts of instruction and leadership to stabilize, mature, and build each of us up (4:1-16), Living as children of light in a dark world, putting off our old selves and being made new in the attitude of our minds, and living lives of love (4:17-5:14), these things have all paved the way to warn and encourage us to be very careful – how we live! Submitting to others out of reverence for Christ is the name of the game we are called to play, and marital relationships are first on the list (5:22-33).