I would say that this week has been pretty busy. I was trying to think about all the stuff that I had going on. I am always going to the games and trying to talk with whomever I can. I am also finishing up in school, hopefully I will graduate after this semester. I have a wedding coming up, for those who don’t already know, and with that comes premarital counseling. There are often times when people come by the house wanting to hang out. I like to go to lunch and talk with teens along with sending out a Bible verse to some people within my phone. This Sunday I am scheduled to preach and by the time you read this my Wednesday lesson will already be over. I have a Bible class that I have to prepare for also. Hmm

I say all of this not to make anyone feel sorry for me or to think more of me because of what my job implies. However, I say all of this so you may understand where I am and to get the point that I am fixing to make. A lot of these activities are spiritual in nature such as talking to teens or sending the Bible verse. Studying for the lesson is something that helps me grow, although for some reason it’s not enough.

I decided to run a 5k race last Saturday. I like to do these from time to time. I will get up early on Saturday (this happens more than you would think) and go to wherever the race is being held. In this instance the race was at Red Bud Park. I get up to the starting line and I know a few people that are running beside me. I don’t see any spectators that I know. It’s ok – not many of the people I talk to want to get up early and watch a run. As we start I see all the little kids in the 10yr old division blast ahead of the pack – they know no pain when it comes to running. About mile 2 is when I start feeling the overall hurt of my body. It wants more air and less motion. Cali Booth told me one time that the last part of my run was too strong and that I need to run harder during the race. I applied that to this 5k and suffered. It hurts and I don’t want to continue, but I rounded this corner…. on this corner amazing things happened. I started to pray just as the sun hit my face. Not that He would help me or take the pain away or make the finish line closer (it actually turned out longer than expected with an extra turn I didn’t see until I was there). I prayed that God is amazing. I just told Him that. Very simple with no fancy elaborations. “God, you are amazing.” That’s when Ricky Pruitt passed me. This is another youth minister from Abilene. As he passed he stuck out his fist for me to give him knuckles. I did and then could see his mouth say “Good Job” but couldn’t hear it because of my headset. That was the moment that a little truth came to me. Sometimes we get so active that we need to just chill. We need to pray and not ask for a huge wish list. Just pray because He is God and He is AMAZING. Also look for the “good job”. Sometimes it will be someone actually saying it and other times it will be the sun simply kissing your cheek.


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