A mother’s suffering brought us into the world. Her serving is the first experience we have with the nature of Jesus (Mark 10:45). Her teaching is NOT to be forsaken (Proverbs 1:8; 6:20). Her sacrifice is godly, she gives her best (John 3:16).

IF YOU SEE a poster for this at “Career Day”? (you better read the fine print?)

  • Life and Peace ( your suffering will provide it for others, who are mostly ignorant)
  • A Servant (You don’t have one, you’ll be one)
  • Sick Days (you don’t get any — this is where you take care of the rest of us)
  • Vacation (If you’ll work hard at it, everybody will get one — but you)
  • Appreciation (you’ll be teaching ungrateful to show it everywhere else)
  • Great Rewards (you will just have to trust God, who is in charge of this)

We love, because she loved us first — this is the worth of a godly mother (1 John 4:19).

Jay Don Poindexter