*   Thank you for the wonderful reception honoring Greg. The outpouring of love was truly unbelievable.

Thank you to Joetta and Sarah for helping with the decorations, and to Cynthia for all her help.

Thank you for Sarah & Nancy for serving at the reception. Thank you to Dee and Jim for the message posted on the sign.

Thank you to Mary who presented the certificate. Thank you Jaylee for the beautiful flag cookies.

Thank you for everyone who helped clean after the reception.

Thank you to our amazing family who are always there for us and to our church family who are a constant strength and support to us. God bless you and we love you all.     Greg, Angie, Chelsea & Chera


*Dear faithful Christians at Merkel Church of Christ, East Side Church of Christ and the needy widows in India are greatly appreciative of your generous gift. Angelea would be so honored that you chose to memorialize her in a way so dear to her heart. Scott Carey & Jan Watson have been informed of your loving gift in memory of their mother. God is truly glorified by your generosity and love. Sincerely, Nancy Doyle East Side Church of Christ