The Parable of Two Sons:

Squandering But Penitent and Obedient But Bitter?


Luke 15:11–32 gives us Jesus’ parable of two sons, one came home to a feast, the other refused to go in.

The younger son was lost in worldliness, squandering his blessings on this world and its pleasures, but later he repented and returned to his father’s house for acceptance and celebration far beyond his dreams. His father said, We had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” (v. 32)

The older son remained at home and in his words slaved away in obedience to his father (v. 29), but he became angry and bitter and even refused to enter the feast and celebration, even at the pleading of his own father (v. 28).

  • Which of the two sons, do you think, actually wasted his blessings/inheritance from his father?
  • Which son actually honored his father?

Our Father in heaven, grant us a humble and willing spirit that repents of our squandering our inheritance in Christ on this world and its desires. Guide us in the way that leads us to You, and bring glory to Yourself for forgiving our sins against heaven! In Jesus, we pray, Amen!