I’VE GOT IT NOW!! – because I forgot it earlier

I don’t think I have been this scatter brained since I have been here. I am not going to go through everything that I have had going on because I really don’t think I could recollect everything. This is not to brag by any means. On the contrary, I have come to a very real truth this week and hopefully you can see it through this one story.

Tuesday I was trying to make time to do some homework, but couldn’t find the time. There was a softball/baseball game going on at Jim Ned that I would have normally gone to, but the wedding details were taking priority. I had to run to Abilene in order to get the marriage license; this had to be done as quickly as possible. We have completed a program for premarital counseling that allows us to get a license for $13 as long as we have this certificate of completion. We were not able to get this certificate upon completion because the secretary was not in when we completed the course. Chelsey had to run by after work one day to pick it up from ACU. During lunch we went to the courthouse to get the marriage license, but the problem was, the counselor had not signed the certificate that we needed to turn in to get the marriage license. So, when we presented it to the lady, she would not take it. This frustrated me a little bit. I will say that I was probably a little short with her, but I wasn’t “mean”. Chelsey was off for lunch, but there was no way I could make it back from ACU to the courthouse again within the hour. I wanted to get this done today because the rest of the week is going to be really busy with the family being in town. I went to ACU, the counselor was not there and wouldn’t be until Six O’clock. I got short with them because they didn’t sign the paper and they replied that “all the courthouse had to do was scan the bar code on the bottom.” After I ate a bite for lunch, my first meal of this day, I received a call from ACU saying the paper was signed. I retrieved the certificate and went back to the courthouse. Chelsey works across the street but was in a meeting in the courthouse. Through a series of text messages things lined up and we were able to take some time during her work schedule to get the marriage license. WOW! That night some college age guys wanted to go shoot guns as a fun time for my “bachelor party”. I came into work after being up late and I look at Cynthia only to say, “I don’t think I am going to have time to do the bulletin article.” Then I gave her the reason for not being able to complete it, “I haven’t really done anything ‘spiritual’.” What I was trying to say is that I have been so busy that I allowed my spiritual life to suffer. That’s when I looked at her, with a light bulb going off in my head. I’VE GOT IT!

I was so tied up and distracted with everything going on in my life, that I had lost focus. While this was great that I realized it… it’s not good that it happened. I was rude to people and lost my temper. People didn’t see it on the outside, so much – other than the looks of frustration – but inside my head I was throwing stuff in anger and not saying nice things, like a little kid with no discipline.  This happened all because I got caught-up in the day-to-day stresses of life. I wasn’t focused on how I have dedicated my life to God. Everything I do is supposed to be for Him. He bought me. I forgot it, but now I’ve got it.


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