Luke 10:25-37

The essence of the kingdom in the lives of Christ’s followers is that they are imitating Him. They give themselves to showing mercy and kindness as He has shown it. Imitating Christ does not come naturally in a world filled with selfish motivations, and it most surely does not come from trying to justify our selves while hiding behind privilege or duty. This imitation of Christ comes when we ask the right questions.

For a certain lawyer in Jesus’ day the self-justifying question is, “Who is my neighbor?” (Luke 10:29) The better question, the question whose answer leads to eternal life would have been, “Am I being a loving neighbor at each opportunity?”

The principle remains the same for us, today. Do we want eternal life and so the kingdom of Christ through which it comes, or do we want credit for our privileges while we try to justify our selves? God grant us a faith that seeks to imitate the mercy of our Lord Jesus and a faith courageous enough to ask the right questions, in Jesus name, Amen!