Effective Bible Study

“Lord Speak to Me,” lets make it our song / our prayer (#771).

Effective Bible study is the study of God’s word that accomplishes what God desires and achieves the purpose for which He sent it (Isa 55:6-11; 1 Tim 2:4; Rom 8:29; II Cor 3:18). There are no tricks, no magic, and NO SHORTCUTS! However, there is also nothing in this life better than the blessed assurance (confidence) that comes from hearing the message of scripture, that comes from hearing the word of Christ (Rom 10:17).

What is the best way to do anything, especially study the Bible? Answer: By faith, that is, being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Heb 11:1). Faith is having assurance and conviction in Bible study, in a way that God can bless it to His glory.  Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen – Heb 11:1 ASV.


3 Keys to effective Bible study are humility, reverence, and expectation (hope).

  1. Humility is the attitude of our minds. (James 4:6, 10; 1 Pet 5:5,6; Prov 3:34)
  2. Reverence is the attitude of our hearts. (Prov 1:7; 23:23; cf 1:29; Ps 111:10; 112:1)
  3. Expectation is the result of our faith in God. (Heb 11:6; Eph 3:4; II Cor 1:13; 2 Pet 1:19; John 6:67,68; 17:20)


Effective Bible study is very much about faith; it demands it, grows it, matures it, and rewards it (Heb 11:6; Rom 10:17; Matt 25:21, 23)! There is no substitute for faith in this life and especially in Bible study; without faith, we DO NOT please God.