The smallest detail or item can not only capture our attention but overwhelm our thoughts and block our vision.
We live in a world that seems to thrive on offering us more choices. There used to be 4 kinds of cereal, 3 kinds of chips. Etc… (This is overwhelming to returning missionaries – a trip to walmart.)
What I love about hard physical labor is the exhaustion at the end of the day that removes all the obstacles and choices so that sleep is no trouble that evening. (We even mention that as we are laboring).
What I love about early morning is that the world has not yet flooded my mind and cluttered my thinking with worries, options, or choices. (How many decisions we have to make, daily.)
What I love about the Lord’s Day, Sunday is that we set aside our worries, fears, plans, and past in order to focus on one thing: THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD!
Today, this very moment, all that matters is what we do NOW with this truth about God, about Jesus the Christ!