Seeking the Lord: Be Rich Toward God

Our graduating seniors are enjoying the fruits of their labor, in graduating. However, they are now facing a time of uncertainty as they begin new chapters in their life’s journey. Whether we think about it or not, Jesus faced things like beginning new chapters in life and preparing His disciples for the new chapter in theirs (Luke 9:51-62; 12:1-21; Heb 4:15).

Lessons From Jesus on How to be Rich Toward God

Set your course resolutely in God’s
purpose! – Luke 9:51
We save lives, we do not destroy them – Luke 9:54-55
Regardless of the cost, follow Christ and do not make excuses or look back at things left behind – Luke 9:57-62
Be on your guard against hypocrisy – Luke 12:1
Be on your guard against all kinds of greed – Luke 12:15a
Your life does not consist in the
abundance of your (earthly) possessions – Luke 12:15b
Just like consonants, putting important (spiritual) things first makes filling in the blank spots much easier!
Life is fragile at best and earth holds no
lasting treasures – Luke 12:20.
Be rich toward God, have spiritual treasures in abundance – Luke 12:21.
Regardless what you do or where you go, follow Jesus Christ! Eternal life does not come to us effortlessly or unconsciously.

We must treasure salvation enough to follow Jesus toward God in this life!