“Tempted and tried we’re oft made to wonder, Why it should be thus all the day long . . . ,” so says the old song. It is a spiritual song fitted well with its melody. As our voices rise and fall with the notes, so our thoughts and lives rise and fall with the ebb and flow of the temptations and trials that we encounter. We get so frustrated at times! Why will God not just remove temptations from our lives? Why does God not put a stop to the trials that test our faith? We might as well ask; why does God not just make faith, life, easy and put us on autopilot?

In response to these common questions, I have a few questions: Why would we want to live a life that meant nothing? Why would we want to live a life that would not be encouraging to others or bless and benefit them in anyway? Why would we want to live a life that brought no glory to the God who loved us and gave His Son for us? To a faithful Christian, these questions seem at least rhetorical and possibly absurd. Of course, we want to live lives that have meaning, bless and encourage others, and bring glory to the God who loved us!

Dear friends, if we want to live lives of meaning, blessing, and encouragement that bring glory to God, then we want to live lives that face both trials and temptations by faith in God’s power to keep His promises! This is what our father Abraham (Gal 3:7, 29) was persuaded of (Rom 4:21) and did, and so, this is what we will be persuaded of and do.

God’s promises are: God is faithful to deliver us from temptation with a way of escape so we can bear up under it (1 Corinthians 10:13); we can consider trials a joy, because they teach us perseverance which matures us and brings us wisdom, if we ask it (James 1:2- 4); blessing and the crown of life are promised to those who persevere (James 1:12). Consequently, if trials and temptations were removed from our lives, we would be ungrateful, immature, and foolish people without hope of eternal life. This would make us to be like the rest of the world that does not have Christ, would it not? May God grant you peace in knowing Him through His promises to you.


Jay Don

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